In your college or university accommodation room, do you change your drapes regularly? If you don’t, you probably want to do that. Why? Because, just by changing your drapes, you could also change the image or style in your university accommodation and attach a new look to it. Drapes are not only useful in covering your windows. It could also be used to enhance the effect in your university accommodation dorm room and make it more dramatic.

Different Types of Drapes, Different Great Effects

There are so many drapes that you could find nowadays, including drapes that are made from lace, casual swags, stationary drapes, draw drapes, sheers, and so on. Different types of drapes give different feelings for your student accommodation Kelvin Grove Brisbane dorm room. Romantic people usually like to use drapes that are made from lace on the summer or use drapes that are made from velvet in dark red in winter to increase the warm feeling of the house. Click Student One

Silk Drapes

Silk drapes often come in various colorus and designs. They could also give the traditional look and rich feeling in your house. If you use the striped silks, you could feel the dual effect and shine in two colours when the sunshine comes through. They could also shimmer in two shades and give the warm feeling into your house. If you want to use these drapes, make sure you choose the same colour with a different hue, possibly a darker one. Why? Because it will blend perfectly in your South Brisbane student accommodation room.

Silk drapes could also give your house the high-class look. Play with the colour, and you’re definitely on the right path to changing your house to appear more classy. You could choose the darker or lighter colour according to your liking. But, if you want to feel the total change in your house, don’t hesitate to consult this with your interior designer. Since most interior designers are more experienced, you could get the right suggestions from the right person.

Velvet Drapes

Velvet drapes are another favourite that come after silk drapes. Their material is so soft and smooth, which makes your guests’ attention drawn to it. Velvet drapes are usually heavier than the silk ones. They’re perfect to keep the lights out and warm your house. These velvet drapes are also a perfect choice in winter. Velvet drapes are usually made from polyester. They have a soft deep pile-like fur that adds the rich colours in it and create the dark and light contrast. Velvet drapes are usually put in the bedroom to create a mysterious aura.

Silk and velvet drapes are the most popular amongst all drapes. It’s because of the richness of their material and the effects they create. Some people agree that even if the velvet drapes are heavier, they flow like water in your Southbank uni accommodation room.

Final Design Advice

The best drapes you can use are the ones that you like, no matter what kind of drapes they are. If you like the feeling of those drapes in your dorm room, chances are other people will also like it. You could order tailor-made drapes from the tailors who specialise in creating drapes or buy the finished products on the market. No matter what you choose, make sure it goes well with your interior design, furniture, and your window pattern.